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Property Finance

If your looking to purchase, refinance or renovate commercial or residential investment premises we can tailor make a package to suite your individual needs. Our panel of funders along with access to a strong range of products and terms will give you flexibility to deliver. Let us discuss all options available and make an informed decision on the best solution available. 




Whether its a First time commercial acquisition or expansion on an existing portfolio. Why waste valuable time when we do all the leg work for you. With rates still at a historical low,  its a great time to take advantage of the excellent options on offer. 


  • Available to trading business & commercial investors (Prime & Sub prime options)

  • Loan to value generally somewhere between 65% to 80% (N.B. sub prime consideration on valuation)

    • (100% potential only with additional security)

  • Lending period generally 15 to 20 years

    • (up to 25 years available dependant on funder and sector)

  • Serviceability considerations 

    • Trading businesses measured on business performance

    • Investment property combination of rental income and covenant of tenant

    • Stress testing 

  • Interest only and fixed rate options 

    • Full and part amortising options

  • Packaging Requirements



If you are involved in the property investment market we support new enquiries and refinancing of existing investments including residential, commercial and semi-commercial properties. Our panel of funders can support single acquisitions through to multi-million pound portfolios. We have access to a range of investment products and specialist terms giving you flexibility to deliver.


  • Available to investors – HMO, AST and Mixed usage options (Prime & Sub prime options)

  • BTL options available

  • Loan to value generally up to 75% (N.B. sub prime consideration)

    • 85% available dependant on asset

  • Lending periods up to 30 years

  • Serviceability considerations 

    • Passing & market rent

    • Net rental consideration for some of our funders

    • Stress testing

  • Interest only and fixed rate options

    • Full and part amortising options

  • Packaging Requirements





We understand that each development is unique and it can become difficult to find the funding package to support all necessary requirements. Our panel of funders include specialist who can support both the commercial and residential property market. You will have access to a wide range of finance support options allowing you to tailor a bespoke solution to suit your plans. 


  • Funding options for new build projects, redevelopments, major renovation works or general refurbishments. Support provided for residential, commercial and mixed use developments.

  • Information required

    • Development appraisal

    • Purchase price

    • GDV (end value of the project)

    • Details of previous experience (options available for limited/no experience)

    • Location & type of development

    • Amount required

  • Lending Criteria 

    • GDV % (dependent on funder, generally can be between 75%)

    • 100% build costs contribution to purchase (Loan to cost % dependent on funder generally 65 -75%)

    • Periods generally 12 – 18 months

    • Interest roll up options

    • Pre planning options available





Should you need short term finance support, By introducing bridging finance we can provide access to funding quickly when you need support with a new purchase or refinance. Our panel of funders will support Investment, Commercial, Land Acquisition and Development finance requirements. We can also provide funding support to clients who purchase through auctions. Furthermore we take into consideration OPEN MARKET VALUATIONS. 


  • Bridging is a short-term loan which can be arranged within a short time-frame secured against residential or commercial property. 1st & 2nd charge options available.

  • Why use bridging/short term finance

    • Raise finance quickly or for a deposit

    • Alternative to development finance or complete development (options on completed developments)

    • Refurbishment of a property light and heavy options

    • Auction finance

    • Purchasing a property that you cannot obtain a mainstream mortgage (condition)

    • Timing issue between sale and purchase

  • Bridging funders consider

    • Credit profile of borrower (some sub prime look at force sale valuation)

    • Strength of asset (land options available)

    • Various funding periods available & LTV (generally 12 – 18 months)

    • Exit strategy (Risk of not achieving exit – penalty interest/repossession)

    • Upfront cash contribution (100% funding available with additional security)





We have lenders that will look at your current ability to pay back monthly mortgage instalments rather than your previous credit history and circumstances. With a 80% approval rate with some of our panel of lenders, we will put you in the best position to obtain the mortgage you need to acquire your commercial or investment property,


Contact us for a confidential no hassle application.





With products specifically designed for commercial property market, we can tailor 2nd and even 3rd charge structured lends on properties for clients. A percentage of the remaining equity can be utilised. Please call us for a confidential discussion.


Maximum loan to value: 50% & 75%

Maximum term: 12 months

Essentially a pre-agreed funding line against unencumbered property/properties so ideal for experienced landlords or property developers. Where this facility differs from a traditional bridging facility is that as the funds are provided against the unencumbered property, therefore the drawdown will rely on the security already taken and not any new property. The facility is in place for 12 months. The only valuation required would be on these unencumbered properties and not on any of the new properties purchased. All we require is a simple application for each drawdown request, the monies are then released within 48hrs of submission.



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