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Business Finance



Covering the whole Commercial Funding market, we have numerous solutions to cater for any Business Finance requirement.







Whether you are a start-up or an established business looking for a business loan, we can help provide funding lines through our vast panel of bespoke alternative lenders protecting you against over exposure with your bank whilst freeing up much needed cash flow. Whatever your requirements or credit status, our business loans are accessible and fair.  We also offer the Covid Recovery Loan Scheme.

Borrow £5,000 to £50,000,000

All our alternative loans have different repayment options, which means you can choose the best option for your business.

You have the ability to spread the cost, breaking it down into more manageable payments to suit your cashflow and affordability. 



Fast flexible unsecured loans that can be used for any purpose to include, working capital, stocking finance, asset purchases, expansion capital, debt consolidation and one-off business expenses.

Advances typically from £5K to £1million with fixed monthly repayments spread typically from 6 months up to 5years.

Unsupported personal guarantees are required from the Directors of Companies.

Loans are available to all business status. 

A fixed establishment fee is payable, which is normally added to the loan to assist cashflow.



Loans can be arranged quickly and available for any purpose. 24-hour turnaround

Enables expenditure made now to be spread over up to 5 years.

No need to provide tangible security. 

All the costs of the loan are known up front, due to the fixed monthly repayments, which assists with budgeting.


NOTE, we also offer Secured business loan normally based against up to 75% of any equity within security provided. These can be spread over 10 years as a longer-term option.




Line of credit


Spread business costs over 3 months and manage short term cash flow with a credit card provided lined to your line of credit.

AMOUNT £1,000 to £250,000








Government-backed loans for growth, working capital and more


Apply for a Recovery Loan with Credit Solutions Agency



Whether you are rebuilding your business or getting ready to grow, Get ahead with a Recovery Loan...

  • Loans from £25,001 - £750,000

  • Borrow over 5 years (or repay early with no fee)

  • Help on hand with your own account manager

  • No personal guarantee on loans £250,000 or under


About the Recovery Loan Scheme



The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) launched on 6 April 2021 and supports access to finance for UK businesses as they recover and grow following the Covid-19 pandemic.

RLS aims to help businesses affected by Covid-19 and can be used for business purposes, including, managing cashflow, investment and growth. It is designed to support businesses that can afford to take out additional finance for these purposes. Businesses who have taken out a CBILS, CLBILS or BBLS facility are able to access the new scheme.


A key aim of the Recovery Loan Scheme is to improve the terms on offer to businesses, but if a lender can offer a business the choice of a commercial loan on better terms, without requiring the guarantee provided by the RLS, they should do so.


At Autumn Budget 2021, the government announced that the Recovery Loan Scheme will be extended by six months to 30 June 2022, with changes applying to all offers made from the 1 January 2022.




Features of the Recovery Loan Scheme


Below you can find information about eligibility criteria and core scheme features provided by the British Business Bank.



Scheme Features 1

Up to £2m facility per business: The maximum amount of a facility provided under the scheme is £2m per business (maximum £6m per group). Minimum facility sizes vary, starting at £1,000 for asset and invoice finance, and £25,001 for term loans and overdrafts. Term length: Term loans and asset finance facilities are available from three months, for up to six years, with overdrafts and invoice finance available from three months, for up to three years. Interest and fees to be paid by the borrower from the outset: Businesses are required to meet the costs of interest.



Scheme Features 2

Access to multiple Covid-19 schemes: Businesses that have taken out a CBILS, CLBILS or BBLS facility are able to access the new scheme although the amount they have borrowed under a previous scheme may in certain circumstances limit the amount they may borrow under RLS.

Personal Guarantees: Personal guarantees are not permitted for facilities of £250,000 or less. Above £250,000 the maximum amount that can be covered under RLS is capped at a maximum of 20% of the outstanding balance of the RLS facility after the proceeds of business assets have been applied. No personal guarantees can be held over Principal Private Residences.

Guarantee to the Lender: The scheme provides the lender with a government-backed guarantee against the outstanding balance of the facility. The borrower always remains 100% liable for the debt.



Eligibility Criteria


Covid-19 impact: The borrower must confirm to the lender that it has been impacted by Covid-19 and Post.

UK-based: The borrower must be carrying out trading activity in the UK.

Viability test: The lender will consider that the borrower has a viable business proposition but may disregard any concerns over its short-to-medium term business performance due to the uncertainty and impact of Covid-19.

Credit and fraud check for all applicants: Lenders will be required to undertake credit and fraud checks for all applicants. The checks and approach may vary between lenders.

Turnover limit: Businesses with a turnover not exceeding £45m per annum.




·         Employee confidence

·         No unnecessary time spent on distraction 

·         No long-term commitment

·         Almost immediate availability of funds

·         Clear and transparent charges

·         Maximum flexibility

·         Directors' peace of mind


We will lend funds against any of the following securities:

·         A single invoice

·         Multiple invoices

·         A debtor ledger

·         Commercial premises

·         Fixed, tangible assets

·         A positive balance sheet

·         Pension-led funding

·         A successful crowd funding application







Whether funding Vehicles, HGV's and wheel-based assets, Plant, machinery, printing and office equipment, IT hardware or software, agricultural or renewables assets or Any other Asset even the most specialist we can provide a solution. Why tie valuable cash up in assets that could be used to support the working capital requirements of your business. By exploring a range of flexible asset finance solutions, you can fund any asset over an appropriate period. Subsequently you can retain cash in the business to support future plans and growth. 


Finance lease:


Where ownership is not required, finance leasing works well for a broad spread of business assets as well as vehicles.

Preserves cashflow – offers the obvious cashflow benefits of paying in instalments.

Initial deposits – can be as low as one repayment/rental down with the VAT spread over the term of the agreement.

Flexible – repayments/rentals can be structured according to your anticipated cashflow.

Tax efficient – the repayments/rentals can normally be offset against taxable profits.

Cost-effective – the Funder, as owner of the asset, claims the writing down allowances and passes them on to you in the form of lower repayments/rentals.

At the end of the lease, you can continue renting the equipment by paying annual secondary repayments/rentals or sell the goods to a third party and retain up to 99% of the sale proceeds.


Operating lease:


This is effectively a rental agreement which can be used to finance a broad spread of business assets but is particularly effective for financing heavy commercial vehicles. The Funder builds in a residual value to reduce the rentals, thus helping cash flow and making ‘off-balance sheet’ funding possible.

Preserves cashflow – offers the obvious cashflow benefits of paying in instalments.

Initial deposits – as low as one monthly rental down with the VAT spread over the term of the agreement.

Competitively priced – the Funder or manufacturer takes the risk in the residual value of the equipment and factors this into the rental, bringing down the periodic cost directly to you.

Fixed maintenance contracts – these can also be built in to the monthly rental

Tax efficient – rentals can normally be offset against taxable profits

The Asset is normally treated as ‘off-balance sheet’ (subject to your auditors’ approval).

Flexible – at the end of the term, you can return the asset or extend the period. Either way, you do not carry the problem of disposal of the equipment.


Refinance is a finance facility which provides a simple way of releasing equity in unencumbered assets or assets nearing the end of their original finance arrangements. The result is a speedy cashflow boost to a customer’s working capital.

The customer invoices the sale of the assets at current market value (or slightly less) to the new finance company who then incepts a new finance agreement and the customer receives the sale proceeds less any residual finance that may have still been outstanding to the original funder.

It can also be a useful way of restructuring existing finance agreements to result in a lower monthly repayment, whilst continuing to have the use of the assets.

The new finance agreement can be either Hire Purchase or Finance Lease, depending on the customer’s particular circumstances, over a fixed period of time, usually a maximum of 5 years.







Do you need working capital to start or grow your business? Invoice finance is a facility that improves the cash flow within the business by unlocking cash held within invoices. As your turnover increases your invoice finance grows to support any additional working capital you may need. We have access to a whole of market panel and can support Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Payroll Finance and Trade Finance requirements for UK Importers


If you have an immediate or infrequent working capital requirement then you may not know about a quick alternative source of finance available to support. By unlocking a particular debtor or group of debtors you can access the cashflow required when you need it without the need to enter into a traditional factoring facility. You can even arrange cash release against a single invoice supporting your working capital when you need it.



There are two main types of invoice finance:


Invoice factoring

This allows businesses to generate money against unpaid invoices.

The finance provider will lend you up to 90% of the value of your invoices.

It will also manage your sales ledger and collect payment for your invoices direct from your customers.

It will then deduct the costs of the factoring service, before paying you the remaining balance.

Some of the characteristics of invoice factoring include:

  • being generally easier for smaller businesses to secure

  • the factoring provider credit checking potential customers

  • customers are likely to know that your business is using an invoice factoring provider.


Invoice discounting

This works in a similar way to factoring, but your business keeps control of customer payments.


You pay a fee and a discount charge (like interest) if you use the funding, much like a standard overdraft.

Unlike invoice factoring, with invoice discounting your finance provider will not credit check your customers, this also means that your customers may not be aware that you are making use of invoice finance.


Other types of invoice finance


In addition to invoice factoring and invoice discounting, there are a number of other types of invoice finance available to smaller businesses.

Selective invoice financing provides you with the flexibility to finance selected customer accounts, whereas spot factoring gives you the option to finance distinct invoices.




When fast and flexible cash is required to support a range of purposes including, working capital, new asset purchase, expansion, refurbishment or finance for one off costs peer to peer funding is rapidly becoming a real alternative to traditional funding. Businesses can borrow from £5k to £1m directly from individuals, unsecured loans are available up to £100k typically only requiring a personal guarantee. 








Who's the Revolving Credit Facility for?

It's for Businesses and sole traders that are established in the UK forecasting growth in their business.


How does it work?

Most growing companies suffer growing pains. These can come in the form of finding sufficient funds to pay for stock and work in progress, or the costs of marketing a new product or service and occasionally a debtor who is a slow or non-payer.

All or any of these cause plans to be delayed.

The RCF works exactly in the same way as a traditional bank overdraft and allows growing companies to smooth out the peaks and troughs.

Interest is charged on a daily basis and there is no long-term commitment, so it provides complete flexibility for the borrower.







Are you looking for a lump sum of cash to support the working capital of your business? Business cash advance is an alternative to traditional finance, if your taking payment by debit or credit card then you are able to raise a cash lump sum which can be used as you wish. Repayment is an agreed percentage of the business debit and credit card takings, and follows the performance of the business. This is a cashflow friendly alternative and works well for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors, and businesses looking to invest in stock, equipment or refurbishment.

Your business could borrow between £5,000 and £200,000 and repayments are designed to mirror your cash flow, so when sales are better more is repaid.


Agree one, upfront all-inclusive cost that never changes.

·         90% approval rate

·         Approval within 24 hours

·         No APR or other hidden charges

·         No security or business plan required

·         Apply for a business cash advance online in minutes

·         Flexible repayments based on your debit & credit card sale


             Am I eligible to receive a business cash advance?


  • Your business must be trading for a minimum of 6 months;

  • Minimum monthly credit and/or debit card sales of £5,000.









Payments directly to your UK or overseas suppliers, reducing the stress on your cash flow whilst growing the order book.


How does it work-


  • Place order with supplier

  • Funder pays supplier against shipping documentation or open a letter of credit for up to 100% of the purchase price of the goods

  • The goods are shipped and delivered to you / client

  • Client repays the transaction depending on your facility

  • Within 90 days from the transaction date, or

  • Through an invoice finance facility with ID provider based on the value of the invoices raised for the goods


Manage your cash flow, maintain your working capital to ensure your business is a success when trading internationally.


If you import, or are thinking about importing, trade finance provides the funds you need to purchase stock, negotiate better prices and improve efficiencies.

Access funding to fulfil existing orders and accept new ones, whilst avoiding upfront costs and allowing you to benefit from supplier discounts.

Whether you’re an established international business or considering diversifying your supply chain to include relationships abroad, our funders dedicated team are on hand to support you.


Purchase order or forecast sale

With our Trade Finance solutions, you could access up to £10m in international trade funding, pay your suppliers in over 65 currencies and access our global network of offices



We can make payment and provide guarantees to your suppliers with either a letter of credit, deposit or full pre-payment



We can make full payment to suppliers upon shipment of your goods.


Bad Debt

Protection and Foreign Exchange We can offer Bad Debt Protection to protect against customer non-payment and our competitive Foreign Exchange service can save money by allowing you to fix favourable exchange rates to use at a pre-agreed future date







Business loans arranged quickly and simply for clients facing Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Liquidation, Repossession or any other financial difficulty.


Loan solutions to:


• stop a winding up or bankruptcy petition from becoming an order

• Annul or reverse a bankruptcy or winding up order pay funds to an Insolvency Practitioner, Receiver or Trustee.


Most other lenders won’t even consider business bankruptcy or insolvency cases. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and our Lifeline Loan is all that some businesses need to buy themselves time to get back on track. Contact us for further information and a confidential discussion.

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